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Thursday, October 08 2009

 i  know everyone thinks pink is the color for steelhead. well over the past 5 or 6 years i have determined that peach is far more productive then pink  or atleast that is my opinion. i  have switched to almost all peach or "shell pink" which is basically a peach color.

i had the craziest experience  2 weeks ago. i was fishing on a teeny little stream that was flowing at about 80 cfs.  a short little guy in a huge lifted ford super duty with $700 simms waders { there is nothing wrong with that, i use simms but  i buy $300 waders. i think the $700 are a little overkill }  he had to tell me how he has the best eggs and how nobody ever outfishes him etc.etc.etc. basically he had a small weiner and had something to prove. i just kept my mouth shut{ which is hard for me to do} and i watched him fish the little slot i wanted to fish. i had hooked 7 steelies out of it the day before and i thought there were a few still in there. he threw his "worlds best eggs that catch everything that swims" at the tiny slot and nothing. after about 20 minutes he gave up telling me that the river was too low to fish and he had just come here to kill some time. there was no way the fish would bite under thse conditions{  it was blue bird out  and about 80 degrees} so as he stopped to brag some more to me i just told him i would take a few casts behind him. he looked at me funny ans gave me a "good luck"  and a chuckle as he walked back to his truck. 

i threw on a peach and white pimp shrimp. on my first cast it gets nailed. after a few nice jumps and a crazy run i landed a nice 8lb buck steelie. i giggled to myself and punched the fish.  i was happy to get a gift fish like that. well i re tied my 6lb florocarbon leader and the very next cast i got hung in the rocks,or so i thought. it was a cookie cutter steelie to the buck i had just landed.  after another nice fight i was done. 2 casts ,2 fish. i walked back to the truck just in tme to see "mr cocky" taking his waders off. he was not too happy to see my limit out of the hole he had just pounded. i have done this so many times with that peach/white combo.  i am very impressed at how steelie react to peach.  so if you aren't using peach then you are missing out. not to say pink isn't good, it is great! but to quote my old fishing buddy drew"peach is mo-betta-gooda"

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