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Thursday, July 26 2007

i am working on some new tackle that we will be offering soon. we are going to start selling pink worms,floats and do it yourself jig kits. these should be up on the site in a week or 2. i also wanted to thank all of the cool people that email me and frequent this site. i really enjoy talking fishing with you guys. if there are things you guys want my opinion on { and i have lots of opinions, not all are good ones  lol} or any how to stuff like egg recipes or what not please let me know. i am looking forward to expanding our tackle department. now if i jus had time to go out and do some fishin'.  also i will be sending out some free gear to you guys to try for me and let me know what you think. just some research and development that i don't have time for.

if there is any gear you guys think i need to carry please let me know, i am very interrested in your tackle wants and needs. i am also going to start offering alot of new patterns in jigs, i have alot that i use but don't sell, some are really crazy but work awesome. 1 looks like a roadrunner and 1 has little spinner blades { kind of} that are incorporated in it. prety trick looking. i don't want to sell the plain jigs everyone else does. the problem is  people are copying my ideas and it's frustrating. anyway that is another subject for another day, i could ramble on about that crap forever.

tight lines everyone and pray for fish


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Wednesday, July 25 2007

finally got out, if felt great to be on the water, even though it rained all night on me. i only had a short time to fish but some time is better than no time.
i got to the hole i wanted to fish and there were 2 guys in it throwing sandshrimp while wearing latex gloves { they didn't want the fish to smell them}. i asked them if they had hooked any or even seen any, they replied that they hadn't even heard of one being caught in atleast a month. so i politely asked if i could fish behind them and they laughed and said " no problem". within ten casts i had a nice 8lb steelie on the bank, it hammered a spinner. i have found that if you are fishing high pressured water and everyone is throwing subtle presentations { light line and bait,jigs etc.} try to get a reaction bite and throw some hardware, you will be surprised how well it will work.

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Monday, July 23 2007
i am heading to the river in a few minutes, the reports i have been getting are terrible but i need to get out,3 hour drive for 2 hours of fishin', sounds good. it is stupid humid out,i had a buddy get 1 on the kalama yesterday but overall it is really slow, almost time to start posting egg recipes. hopefully i will have a fish story by tonight but i am not counting on it. thanks to all of you guys that have  sent in names for the " name that jig contest", i have seen some real good ones.
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Sunday, July 22 2007
damn it rained alot, my father was on the op this weekend and on hte hoh it was a total wash out, the river went from 2500 to 14000cfs in a few hours. i keep getting reports of fish being caught but i will believe it when i see it. i think i am heading out tomorrow afternoon , i want to give all the weekend warriors there time, then i can came behind them and catch some, hopefully. i need to bang out alot of jigs today and i want to experiment witrh a few new ones tomorrow. to all of you guys who want salmon, hit the s.sound, it's frickin loaded,kings everywhere.
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Friday, July 20 2007

well i don't know shit about blogs but now i have one. so i guess i will ramble about the latest reports. the only thing i know that is really good right now is the sound, i had 3 phone calls in 15 minutes from guys telling me that they limited on kings sunday.2 boat limited trolling coyote spoons and 1 limited mooching a herring that was fresh caught about 5 minutes before. some humpies are showing at hoodsport but it is still early. the slag pile is producing o.k. as well. i have been layed up from a surgery for the last week so i haven't been out at all and i am really really behind on jig orders so to all you guys waiting for jigs i'm sorry and i am trying to get caught up, i should be totally caught up by sunday.


tight lines


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