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kramers blog 
Saturday, September 29 2007

busy busy busy, stupid busy but the worms are selling great and i am very happy. i have been getting amazing feedback from them. my son and i have landed over 80 kings in 2.5 weeks but haven't made it out after steelies.

i will share my egg recipe if you guys want it{ this is my king only recipe, i have almost 30 recipes but this one works the best for me on kings}

2 pints water  { no chlorine in the water}
2 cups sugar
2 cups sea salt
1 cup borax
handful of cocktail shrimp
bring to a boil and stir often { add whatever coloring you would like,jello,beau mac etc}
let it cool down and once it reaches room temp put in eggs in whole skeins{ if they are really big eggs butterfly them first} stir often for about 1 hour, place on drying rack and add sodium sulfite, just lightly sprinkle it on them. lwet sit till they obtain texture you want and borax them and freeze of use.

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Saturday, September 15 2007

been hitting the lake in the evenings for kings. man we have been whackin'em lately. in 1 hour on thursday evening we hooked 9 and kept 4, biggest being over 20lbs. they love my eggs, the only secret is a really high sodium sulfite content and i have been outfishing everyone about 5-1. got to love them  dark kings  lol. i am just waiting for the rain so i can catch some steelies.

my hand pours are finally done and i should be getting them in a day or so. i have been getting a ton of interrest { and a few copy cats just like with my jigs} it seems nobody can get a good idea on there own they must rip off someone elses. anyway i know i whine alot like a little girl. lol

we did fish the n.w. bass championship last weekend, we were about 6lbs out of first and we even caught my partners boat on fire coming over snoqualmie pass. now we have are own pot hole from us melting the pavement. i will write the story later, it's a good one.

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