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Sunday, March 30 2008

well, been really busy with the whole worm thing. i would like to thank everyone that have sent me cool fish stories and pictures of fish they have caught on my products. i really enjoy it!  i just wish i had the time to get out and make my own fish stories. maybe next year.

 i have 800  jigs that were tied by a commercial fly manufacture for me a samples, they were made on the same gamakatsu heavy wire hooks ,powder coated heads etc.etc.etc. they are a very good quality  jig but the problem is  that i didn't make them and i can't put my name on it and sell it as a kramer jig. i am so swamped with orders i was going to entertain having them made for me but i couldn't do it. if it isn't tied by me then i won't sell it as a kramer jig. anyway long story short i have 800 jigs  in 2 styles and 2 colors in 2 weights.  

1/8oz tweekers  pink                1/4oz tweekers pink
1/8oz tweekers peach              1/4oz tweekers peach
1/8oz pimp shrimp pink             1/4oz pimp shrimp pink
1/8pz pimp shrimp peach           1/4oz pimp shrimp peach.

i am into them for $1.45 each, if you are interrested please email me and i will sell them for what i am into them for. i could just pawn them off as mine and sell them to customers but i couldn't sleep at night. so if you want an immitation kramer jig on a good hook let me know.


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Monday, March 10 2008

wow! that is all i can say. we put a new 8" bubblegum pink worm on the market yesterday and we are already almost out. i have sold a ton of worms but this one took off faster than any other style. i guess there is a market for big worms. i didn't believe it since i like small stuff but i was getting a ton of requests for an 8" worm so i decided to put it out.

as for fishing, the reports i have been getting are still slow,1 here or 2 there etc. i know the hump has been consistent but no big numbers. it also sounds like the hoh is NOT the place to be. i have heard the fishing is ok at best but the crowds are crazy for up there.

i also hear that some springers are being caught in the cowlits and in the kalama. o boy here they come. i don't fish for them personally, i hate the crowd thing but i get a fair amount every year as bi-catch on the peninsula.

tight lines


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